How to start a WordPress website from scratch | Step by step beginners guide

How to start a WordPress website from scratch | Step by step beginners guide using Bluehost.

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In this video, I’m going to be going over 4 different steps to get a WordPress website started with the #1 recommended hosting provider straight from The hosting provider is Bluehost. Step 1 is how to sign up for an account with Bluehost, step 2 is choosing a hosting package, step 3 is registering a domain name, and then step 4 is installing wordpress on Bluehost.

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Summary of this tutorial:

The first thing you want to do when starting a WordPress website is head on over to Bluehost. You’ll see the get started now button on the page. Click the button. This is where you can select your hosting plan. You’ll see three different options. Select the plan you would like to choose. You are now brought to a domain page where you can choose the domain name that you want completely free. If you already have a domain name you’d enter it in over on the right. You are now brought to a create your account page. This is where you will input your information. Below that you will see package information. You’ll see account plan. This is where you can select the term for your hosting package. You have 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months, and 60 months. As you can see you’ll save money the longer you purchase your hosting for. Setup fee is free. The domain is free. Below that you will input your payment information. Once your information you want to select the I have read and agreed to Bluehost’s privacy policy and terms of service. Now click the submit button. You are now brought to a confirmation page. Bluehost is also going to at this time email your dashboard login information. Now you need to login to the Bluehost dashboard. You can click the link they gave you or just go to Bluehost’s web site and up at the top, you will see login. Click login. Enter your account credentials and click submit. Once you do that you’ll be in the Bluehost hosting home dashboard as you can see here. Scroll down a bit till you see the website and then under that section you will see install WordPress. Click install wordpress. You should now see do it yourself free and on the right hand side you will see the install button. Go ahead and click install. Once you do that you will see a select which domain you would like to install to. So select the domain you want to use for this and where you see the directory part next to it just leave that blank and click the check domain button.

It’s now going to check your domain name. You now want to select show advanced options. You will see where you can change the site name or title. You want to put the name of your site here. You will see admin username. Under that, you will see your password listed. Select the box that says automatically create a new database for this installation. Make sure you select I have read the terms and conditions. Click the install button now. Now you’ll see a page or a popup saying we’re setting up WordPress for you. You’ll see a progress bar at the top showing the progress of the WordPress installation. Once it is done it will say your install is complete. Click on the view credentials link. It will now give you the URL of your website, the login URL for WordPress to make edits to your site along with your username and password. Go ahead and click on the admin URL link. Put the username and password in. And click the login button. And you will now be in the WordPress dashboard where you can start creating your WordPress website. And that is how to start a WordPress website from scratch step by step.

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