How To Prepare Your WordPress Website for 2018 – Speed Security SEO Social Media & Email Marketing

In this video I go over the steps to help you Prime your WordPress Website for 2018. I focus on the 5 Key things to focus on from Speed, Security, SEO, Social Media Connection & Sharing and of course Email Marketing.

Having a WordPress Website that performs well for both users and search engines does take some work. But it doesn’t have to be hard or cost you a small fortune.

Here’s the Blog Post:

The beauty of using WordPress is you can typically get everything done with a good mix of Plugins, a Quality theme like EVO Pro and some guidance which is what I provide you in this video.

In this WordPress Tutorial, The topics I focus on are the fundamentals and will help you achieve your online success with a website that represents your brand well and gets found and shared.

Learning How to Create a WordPress Website and maintaining it are extremely important. Do it right and you won’t have any concerns since you’ll be on the right path.

If you’re interested in learning how to Code a WordPress Theme then checkout DevWP and the videos that are focused on coding a custom WordPress Theme from scratch.

Make sure 2018 is the year that your WordPress Website & Blog becomes the next big site online.

Focus on the Speed of your WordPress website which is a key factor for SEO and User Experience.

Focus on Security since making your website safe is important to your website visitors and your brand.

Focus on SEO so that your thoughts & ideas get found online. The fundamentals are easy to follow. Write high quality content on a consistent basis.

Focus on Social Media since it’s another way to engage with your audience and grow your community.

Finally, focus on Email Marketing so the second you release a new Blog or Vlog, your fans will be notified. This is an important step that most people skip.

More About Me:
My name is Joel Rivera and I’m a fulltime WordPress Designer & Developer. I code everyday, 7 days a week and often create YouTube Videos on how to code and manage a WordPress Powered Website.
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