How to Add an Image in a WordPress Text Widget

Adding an image in a WordPress post or page is very simple, but adding one in a widget is not so easy, especially for beginners, because you’ll have to add a piece of HTML code in a text widget.

Don’t worry, it’s not hard at all!

The simplest way to do this is to:

1. Create a new post or page;
2. Press the “Add Media” button once in the editing area;
3. Select the image that you’d want to use in your widget area;
4. Add a title and alt text, then see if you need additional display settings;
5. Press the “Insert into post” button;
6. Copy the HTML code that appears in the Text Editor, so make sure you are not on the Visual Editor;
7. Go to your widgets and drag a Text widget into your widget area (sidebar, footer, etc.);
8. Enter a title for that widget, if you wish, then paste the code that you copied;
9. Press “Save” and that’s it!

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